Digital Dentures

Digital Denture

Digital Dentures are the newest and most precise dentures available today. They get created by either scanning the gums or remaining teeth in the mouth or taking a 3D scan of the impression. Using advanced design software the denturist designs the new denture. Then a temporary try-in denture is made from the software design on our 3D printer and given to the patient to wear for a few days. When changes or adjustments are needed, they’re easily made in the design software. Once the patient loves the fit, function and look of the new dentures, then we proceed with the last step and create the final denture on a CNC milling machine for best quality and precision fit. By having the denture design saved in our system we can provide the patient an identical replacement denture the same day. The digital process also allows us to recreate your existing comfortable denture.

Implanted Supported Denture

We offer all implant solutions right here in Steinbach at our office. Whether the patient has existing dentures over implants, or needs a consultation about implant options, we can help! Our denturist is very experienced in fixed or removable implant restoration solutions and will advise the patient about the benefits of each option. Please note that we do not perform the surgery in our office and just specialize in fabricating the prosthesis. We have very good working relationships with many dentists and surgeons that specialize in the surgical procedures. We achieve outstanding results by working together with other professionals that each do their part in giving the patient the best treatment possible toady. Our consultations are always FREE and our goal is to educate our patients so they are confident in their decision.

Immediate Denture

Our patients never have to go without teeth. We work together with every dentist to ensure the patient has dentures made before the teeth are extracted. For immediate dentures we take a 3D scan of the gums and remaining teeth alleviating the need for uncomfortable impressions. We design the dentures in our advanced design software and fabricate the immediate denture using a precise CNC milling machine. The material is very strong and therefore we can make the first dentures that the patient ever wears much easier to get used to.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and help restore proper function and greatly change and improve the appearance. We have all types of partial denture options. The most common ones are metal frame, acrylic, and flexible valplast partials. For our new partial denture workflow, we use our digital scanner to take images of the patients gums and teeth instead of taking uncomfortable impressions. The 3D scanner is much more precise and gives the patient a much better fitting partial denture. We save the scan of the patients’ teeth and can rescan it a few years down the road to compare how things have changed in the mouth. This is incredibly valuable and helps us with future treatment planning.

Repair & Reline Same Day

We can provide patients with the fastest turn around time for repairs and relines in our state of the art in house denture lab. Repairs are completed while patients wait. Relines require two appointments, one in the morning to take a new reline impression and one in the afternoon to deliver the denture a check the newly improved fit.

Teeth Whitening

Our custom take home teeth whitening kits give you everything you need to have a long-lasting whiter smile. We provide patients with Opalescence whitening gel and custom fitted clear comfortable trays. The number of applications dictate how white your teeth will become. Most patients wear the whitening trays overnight 3-4 times a week for an average of 3-4 weeks.