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Here at Grand Denture Clinic I strive to provide patients the best possible solutions to their dental problems. We believe our patients deserve only the best treatments. It’s been great to see our patients enjoy the new comfortable procedures that our fully digital workflow provides. I’m privileged to be one of very few practitioners in the country that can provide digital dentures and make getting new dentures a much more comfortable and pleasant experience. Myself and our amazing staff look forward to meeting you!

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Timo Gerzen, Denturist

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We use the best and most precise technology to ensure you have the most comfortable process possible. With our technology, we are able to create more comfortable and secure dentures that hold up longer than older versions.

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Our Process

All our appointments and workflows are designed with the best patient experience in mind. We are the first and only Denture Clinic in Manitoba that offers 3D scanned digital impressions. We also 3D print all try-in dentures, this process ensures the best accuracy and efficiency when creating your smile.

Number One


We start by finding out what needs to be done and come up with a treatment plan together. We then 3D scan the gums and teeth to avoid uncomfortable impressions.

Number Two

Custom Measurements

All jaw and bite records are taken to help us design the new denture on our computer.

Number Three

3D Printed Try-In

We create a temporary try-in denture to wear for a few days to see if adjustments are needed.

Number Four

Final Denture

Once the fit, function, and look is right we CNC mill the final denture for the best quality and a precision fit.

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  • I could not be happier. With other dentures that I have had, which were a couple of sets, I always had trouble with the bottom denture. I always needed to use adhesive to keep them in place. With this new procedure, the design they use for the bottom denture keeps them in place and secure no more adhesive. I am so very pleased, and this is the only way I would go now. Thank you, one happy client.

    - S.H

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